Sailing Directions (PILOT) of the Hellenic Coasts "PLOIGOS" - Volume D (East Aegean & Dodecanese)

Sailing Directions (PILOT) of the Hellenic Coasts
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Nautical charts are the most important aid for the navigator. However, it is important that they are used in conjunction with other information and elements for a safe voyage. All these elements are impossible to lay out in a chart and for that reason they are given in the form of nautical instructions (Pilot), an essential supplement to nautical charts.

Nautical instructions include detailed information about coasts, ports, navigational dangers, sailing into bays and ports and any other necessary elements for safe navigation. Geographical, tourist, weather and supplies information is also included. Please note that plans and maps in this guide are supportive to the text. They are not to be used for navigational purposes. They are intended to be read in conjunction with the charts quoted in the text.

The official Nautical Instructions (Greek Waters Pilot), for the Greek Seas and Shores, of the Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service are called (“PLOIGOS”) are published in four different volumes (A, B, C and D). The geographical limits of the areas covered by these volumes appear on the diagram shown here, which also can be found inside the text before the contents.

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