What exactly we do?

HARTIS is an Internet Information Services company,
providing navigation products & experience management services,
for Maritime and Sea Tourism Sectors.

  • Our name comes from the Greek word «ΧΑΡΤΗΣ» that means map and relates to the science of Cartography (chartes = sheet of papyrus, and graphein = to write), that builds on the premise that reality can be modeled in ways that communicate spatial information effectively, combining science, aesthetics and technique (technology).

    Trends in technology require to evolve using a combination of elements, known also as Nexus of Forces. This combination is achieved by the convergence and mutual reinforcement of four interdependent trends: social interaction, mobility, cloud and information.

    The nexus is changing the way people and businesses relate to the technology and new business opportunities are created. We seek to enhance current business models and develop these four elements so they optimally interact with each other, to provide added value to our customers in the most innovative manner.

  • The development of HARTIS is based on the skills, knowledge and unparalleled caring of our people to meet our customers needs. Based on innovative ideas we create new services, giving Maritime and Sea Tourism the emphasis and attention they deserve.

    To achieve our goals, we emphasize on in-depth analysis and application of all the factors that need to interact in the best possible way to achieve the desired results. In this way we achieve the development of new capabilities that facilitate business processes and personal transformation, strengthening quality and safety.

    Our main goal is to promote "Safe Sailing" by developing advanced electronic navigation data services based on modern Nautical Cartography practices. We seek partners for Digitalisation and Safety in Tourism to enhance the competitiveness and fluent operations of businesses in coastal tourism, improve the productivity and increase the travelers' feeling of safety and security, while enjoying the sea!.

What exactly we offer?