What exactly we do?

HARTIS is a leader in HydroSpatial Information Services,
advancing electronic navigation data services & products,
for the evolving needs of Maritime and Sea Tourism sectors.

  • Deriving our name from the Greek «ΧΑΡΤΗΣ» (map), HARTIS embodies the essence of modern Cartography — a synergy of science, aesthetics, and advanced technology to model and communicate spatial information with precision and clarity.

    Embracing the Nexus of Forces, we innovate at the intersection of social interaction, mobility, cloud, and AI data analytics to unlock new horizons in maritime exploration and safety.

    Our approach is transformative, integrating these dynamic technological forces to deliver exceptional value and cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

  • At HARTIS, our passionate team drives our growth, crafting services that honor the rich heritage of Maritime and Sea Tourism while pushing the boundaries of digital innovation.

    We commit to meticulous analysis and strategic application of cross-functional elements to foster new capabilities that simplify business operations and personal experiences, underpinning quality and safety.

    Championing "Safe Sailing", we pioneer advanced electronic navigation services grounded in contemporary Nautical Cartography.

    Our mission extends to forging partnerships in Digitalization and Sustainability, bolstering industry competitiveness, enhancing operational fluidity, and magnifying safety and enjoyment on the sea.

What exactly we offer?

  • AI-Driven Satellite-Derived Bathymetry

    Implementing AI to refine satellite-derived bathymetry, we provide mariners with enhanced seabed mapping. This innovation ensures navigational safety and supports sustainable marine and coastal development.

  • Climate Resilience & Foresight Solutions

    Our AI-based foresight solutions empower coastal regions with predictive insights, enhancing resilience against climate variability and supporting adaptive decision-making for a sustainable future.