Eastern Peloponnisos Pilot Nautical Chart

Eastern Peloponnisos Pilot Nautical Chart
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Pilot Charts are nautical charts allowing the vessel to navigate accurately and safely in the Greek waters and they contain, in addition, piloting information that is placed on the area where it is most relevant, such as local names, practical weather forecast, tourist and other information that is suitable for yachts at sea.

The back side contains approaches-type (analytical) charts and port plans, together with their local info and photos to assist the reconnaissance of the area.

In addition, Pilot Charts are laminated so that they can withstand against water, salt, wear-and-tear and they too are sold within a plastic wallet.

Pilot Charts have a 4 - 5 year life cycle.

Edition: 2018

Scale: 1:118.000

ISBN: 960-90131-5-5

Dimensions open: 40 x 28 in (100 x 70 cm)

Dimensions folded: 10 x 13 in (25 x 34 cm)

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