Map of Crete

Map of Crete
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Scale: 1:200.000
Edition: 2012

The ideal map for planning your trip, as well as the journey itself – if you belong to the 99% of the island’s visitors, who have no intention whatsoever to take the narrowest dirt path leading to the remotest beach of the island! This map is very practical, at a scale of 1:200.000 which allows for a detailed presentation of the road network and sights without the exhaustive detail only the travelers – explorers are interested in.

We made this map based on our archival series of 1:100.00 Crete maps. We omitted all secondary dirt roads and loads of other unnecessary little roads, magnified the symbols and width of the roads for better visibility, and made colors more vibrant. All this makes for the best general map of Crete on the market!

Naturally, we have included detailed maps of Crete’s four large cities, on which, among other things, we have marked all hotels.

A detailed alphabetical index of locations is also incorporated. Crete’s most important sights are depicted on the map in yellow, but we assigned Stephanos Psimenos (author of the travel guide ‘Unexplored Crete’) with compiling a list of the top 20 sights and basic information about them.

Map of Crete is printed on Polyart ‘paper’, which is rip-proof and 100% waterproof!

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