Map of Greece

Map of Greece
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Scale: 1:650.000
Edition: 2013

Dimensions: 70x100 cm

Detailed and updated map of Greece using GIS technology and the WGS84 reference system, supplemented by an EGSA87 grid.

Based on field research completed in 2013, this map features all the newest national motorways and their interchanges, toll stations and Motorway Service Stations.

Also depicted are Greece’s most important sights, as well as archaeological sites, castles, monasteries, National Parks and scenic routes worth exploring.

The map of Greece comes in a very practical clear double sleeve. One side contains the removable map, the other a removable booklet with the alphabetical index of cities, villages, archaeological sites and monasteries.

The map of Greece is printed on Polyart, which is extremely durable against folding and unfolding, does not rip, and is 100% waterproof.

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